Business Automation

"Transforming Industries Through Automation"
Discover how our cutting-edge automation solutions optimize supply chains, simplify corporate workflows, and drive efficiency in order processing across diverse industries. Elevate customer experiences with automation. At KeplerX, we're the driving force behind industry transformation, helping you shape a more efficient and automated future.

Automate Inventory Management

 Automate the tracking and control of inventory levels to streamline operations and minimize stock-related errors.

Automate Order Processing Management

Automate the entire order processing cycle for faster, more efficient transactions and improved customer satisfaction.

Automate Staff Workflows Management

Improve staff productivity and task coordination by automating workflows and assignments.

Automate Invoices Management

 Automate the creation and management of invoices to ensure accuracy and timely payments.

Automate Reports Management

Automate the generation and distribution of reports for data-driven insights and decision-making.

Automate Marketing Campaign Management

Increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts by automating campaign planning, execution, and analysis.

Automate Project Management

Automate project workflows to meet deadlines and efficiently track progress.

Automate Promotions and Discounts

 Simplify the management of promotions and discounts with automated scheduling and application.

Automate Email Campaigns Management

Enhance customer engagement by automating personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior.

Automate Account & Finance Management

 Minimize manual data entry and errors by automating financial transactions and data synchronization.

Automate Leads Management

 Automate lead capture, categorization, and prioritization to optimize follow-up processes.

Automate Warehousing Management

 Optimize warehouse operations through automation, including barcode and RFID tracking.

Automate POS - Barcode

Improve Point of Sale efficiency and accuracy through barcode automation.

Automate Mobile Apps

Enhance user experience and accessibility by developing and maintaining mobile applications.

Automate Enquiry Management

 Efficiently handle customer inquiries and support requests with automated responses and routing.

Automate Landing Pages Management

 Automate the creation and optimization of landing pages to drive successful marketing campaigns.

Automate Commission Management

Streamline commission calculations and payments with automated processes.

Automate Supplier Management

Manage supplier relationships and orders more effectively through automated systems.

Automate Custom Forms

Simplify form submissions and data processing by automating form-related tasks.

Automate Proposals Management

Improve the efficiency of proposal creation and management with automation tools.

Automate Estimates Management

Automate the generation and tracking of estimates for accurate project planning.

Automate Contract Management

 Ensure smooth contract creation, execution, and management through automated processes.

Automate HRM

Streamline human resource management processes, including Leave Management, Online Attendance, Payroll, Shift Management, and HR Contracts, through comprehensive automation.

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Business Automation

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Business Automation